Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a vacuum sputtering with titanium ions or titanium nitride is a modern method of applying coatings with very high durability. 


Layers with a uniform structure increase the life of metal components.


Thanks to the very high abrasion resistance of the coating, it can be applied to a variety of products: jewellery, tools, components, sanitary ware or metal parts. In addition, PVD can apply layers of different colours and shades ranging from light silver, through gold to black.


Our PVD machine is capable of accommodating even very large components and large parts.




We offer marking and engraving services for a wide range of metal, steel and plastic items, such as promotional items, gadgets and nameplates. The technologies we use allow us to preserve the durability of the marking made without the risk of blurring or distortion. All the symbols and markings made by our machine are extremely clear, durable and abrasion-resistant. Products can be labelled with letters, digital signs, serial numbers, dates, etc.


By offering our services we always try to adapt to the needs of each customer so that they can effectively execute each order.