Wedding jewellery


Our brand is called Colibra for a reason. Subtle, delicate and skin-friendly jewelry tailored to the expectations of the most demanding customers perfectly reflects the character of the smallest bird in the world, known as the flying jewel.

Our special wedding collections include a variety of models that suit any style: classic, rustic, boho and modern. Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life. It is on this special day that two people decide to travel together through life, and each bride wants to feel beautiful and comfortable.


Our jewelery will make this event even more magical because Colibra is:



Our brand has over 42 years of tradition, during which over 4 million hand-made products were created. Each piece is unique and has its own story.



Our 30-strong team works carefully to create unique collections inspired by global fashion shows, jewelry fairs and the history of art.



Our products are made only of skin-friendly, anti-allergic ingredients covered with high-quality materials.