The collection with letters



The alphabet is a theme that we return to once again and we are not surprised by the huge interest in necklaces, earrings and bracelets with initials or even whole words.

Pendants with letters are very personal and are perfect for a gift because they are associated with the name of a loved one or our own. BUM for jewelry with letters can be seen in particular on Instagram. You can see a necklace with a letter on almost every profile related to fashion. No wonder, after all, it is the perfect complement to many styles.

If jewelry, apart from its beautiful appearance, carries an additional meaning, its value is invaluable. Family souvenirs or gifts from loved ones occupy a special place in the heart. This is the case with our jewelery with letter-shaped pendants.

It is a great gift idea for a wife, mother or friend. You can gift her with your initials, but also with the first letter of her name. There is no rule here. An equally good choice is a letter that symbolizes an important event. Such a gift will be a beautiful souvenir and symbol of a close relationship.

Our summer collection with letter-shaped pendants includes all the letters of the Polish alphabet. This is great news, among others for every Łukasz or Żaneta. The collection includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets that can be freely combined and mixed to create one-of-a-kind sets.

And you, do you already have your set of jewelry with letters?